Combo Classes

Combo Classes are a 1-hour a week class for beginning dancers ages 3-10. Students participating in our combo classes will learn the basic fundamentals of dance in a relaxed and fun environment. They will be introduced to different styles of dance including jazz, ballet, and tumbling. Combo classes will learn two routines per year. They will perform in both our Winter Performance and Spring Concert.

Open Classes

Open Classes are provided for the dancer who is interested in improving their skills in a certain genre of dance. These classes will focus on the fundamentals and will help students improve their technical skills. These classes are available to anyone, including members of competitive teams who are wanting to excel in specific areas.


FREE Aerobic Classes for Mom!

We know that a happy family starts with a happy and healthy mother. Women spend the majority of their time focusing on the well being of their husband and children. It is time for women to have an opportunity to spend a small amount of time each week focusing on themselves. That is why at The Dance Academy we have created FREE morning exercise classes for mothers who have 1 or more students enrolled in dance classes. Forget the over priced ballet barre, crossfit, or gym classes. Come and enjoy a hard core workout, and burn of those extra weekend calories with friends for FREE. For more information, inquire at the front office.