Travel Courses


When visiting a Spanish-speaking country there are four categories of conversation that will make your visit much more comfortable and cost efficient:

1. Purchasing at a store or street market.
2. Ordering food at a restaurant.
3. Using public transportation, such as bus or taxi.
4. Asking for directions to travel by car or foot.

Bilingua teaches you the words and phrases associated with these conversations to make your visit more pleasurable. Each course has a one-hour lesson taught each week through a live online classroom session. Log in from your computer or mobile device, and join a live classroom of no more than six students. In such an intimate setting, you will feel comfortable to ask questions and easily interact with the instructor, creating an inviting learning environment. The course outlines are as follows:


Course 1, Purchases & Restaurants
Lesson 1 Pronunciation
Lesson 2 Purchasing at a Street Market or Store
Lesson 3 Ordering Food at a Restauran
Lesson 4 Ordering Food at a Restaurant (continued)
Lesson 5 Review for Exam

Course 2, Directions & Public Transportation

Lesson 1 Telling time
Lesson 2 Taking a Taxi or Bus
Lesson 3 Walking Directions
Lesson 4 Driving Directions
Lesson 5 Review for Exam
At the end of each course you will be able to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and feel comfortable and confident when asking for directions, purchasing souvenirs, and ordering food.

Each course includes:
* 5 online homework assignments to complete in between each lesson
* 1-2 Oral quizzes and a final exam administered live online with a native Spanish speaker
* MP3 audio files to review pronuciation and conversational order
* Pdf files of lesson outlines and notes