Medical Courses

The medical courses are designed to teach medical professionals the basic Spanish language skills necessary to conduct a first appointment with a Spanish-speaking patient. You will learn such things as how to gather medical history, identify symptoms, and perform a basic medical exam. By learning these basic skills you will save money on interpretation services by being able to conduct the first appointment yourself without needing an interpreter. Also, as your medical conversation skills increase not only will you feel more confident when serving the Spanish-speaking population, but you will also be able to expand your practice by marketing to the Spanish-speaking community.

Each course has a one-hour lesson taught each week through a live online classroom session. Log in from your computer or mobile device, and join a live classroom of no more than six students. In such an intimate setting, you will feel comfortable to ask questions and easily interact with the instructor, creating an inviting learning environment. The course outlines are as follows:

First Appointment, Part 1
Lesson 1 Pronunciation
Lesson 2 Scheduling an Appointment
Lesson 3 Greetings & Filling out Paperwork
Lesson 4 Gathering Medical History
Lesson 5 Review for Exam

First Appointment, Part 2
Lesson 1 Identifying Symptoms
Lesson 2 Performing a Physical Exam
Lesson 3 Prescribing Medications
Lesson 4 Making Follow-up Calls
Lesson 5 Review for Exam


At the end of each course you will have the skills necessary to comfortably conduct a basic first appointment with a Spanish-speaking patient. If during the first appointment a more complex medical need is identified with the patient it is recommended that you contact a medical interpreter.

Each course includes:

* 5 online homework assignments to complete in between each lesson
* 1-2 Oral quizzes and a final exam administered live online with a native Spanish speaker
* MP3 audio files to review pronuciation and conversational order
* Pdf files of lesson outlines and notes