Introductory Conversation


Whether you associate with Spanish speakers on a daily basis or are visiting a Spanish-speaking country, there is a traditional “getting to know you” conversation that takes place. We have similar conversations in English all the time. When meeting someone new or in an effort to get to know someone better we ask things such as, “Where are you from?” “What do you do for work?” “Do you have kids?” etc.

This introductory conversation is divided into two five-week courses. Each course has a one-hour lesson taught each week through a live online classroom session. Log in from your computer or mobile device, and join a live classroom of no more than six students. In such an intimate setting, you will feel comfortable to ask questions and easily interact with the instructor, creating an inviting learning environment. The course outlines are as follows:



Course 1, Fundamentals
Lesson 1: Pronunciation
Lesson 2: Days of the Week, Months of the Year, & Numbers
Lesson 3: Dates & Time
Lesson 4: Greetings Lesson 5: Review for Exam

Course 2, Conversation
Lesson 1: Home & Profession
Lesson 2: Family
Lesson 3: Hobbies & Favorite Pastimes
Lesson 4: Invitations to Social Gatherings
Lesson 5: Review for exam

At the end of Course 2 you will be able to carry on an introductory conversation to get to know your Spanish-speaking friends and associates as well as to invite them to dinner or on other outings.

Each course includes:
* 5 online homework assignments to complete in between each lesson
* 1-2 Oral quizzes and a final exam administered live online with a native Spanish speaker
* MP3 audio files to review pronunciation and conversational order
* Pdf files of lesson outlines and notes